Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thank you EVERYONE..

I have a list of people I would like to thank for their help.

John Viola
Bill Oberle
Vince Lofink
Harrie Eleen Minnehan
Lisa Diller
Denny Schwartz
The whole Downes PTA
My Teachers at Downes
The greater Newark Area
John Kolwalko
Connie Morlet
MCvey School and PTA
My Teachers at Mcvey
Maclary and their whole Staff and family
Glasgow High Parents and Students who I love us much.
The teachers and the union who voted for me
Steve my husband of 22 years for coming to meetings and concerts
My wonderful children Justin and Ashley who are the reason I fight for EVERY
child everywhere.
My Mom and sister
and all my friends
to my secret friends who really helped you know who you are..

If I forgot someone please forgive me... OH a big thank you to Voice 4 Delaware Education.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. I have the best Mom in the world. My Mom is my best friend with her living out of state we still talk everyday she is my rock.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank you too


You are awesome!  I am so excited for you.  You deserve to win and we need you.  There is hope that money can't buy an election after all.  Bobbi"

Thank you Connie Merlet

"OH MY GOODNESS!!! We beat big money!! Congratulations all!


Today was a good day. And an important one!"

Connie Merlet

Thank you for everything John Kowalko

"First and foremost a very hearty and heartfelt congratulations to Shirley and Kenny and all those candidates that withstood the obscene money deluge intended to buy the seats of school board members who choose to represent the children first. A special thanks to all of those community members that wrote and distributed neighbor to neighbor letters (My wife Connie and son John and his friend Pete dropped nearly 400 in Windy Hills supporting Shirley). Special, very special thanks to the Most Honorable Bill Oberle. Also thanks to all of those voters and activists who saw through this charade intended to buy support for privatization of public education via school board takeovers. Finally a very loud "bronx cheer" for all those money squanderers like Skippy, Rodel, Vision 2015 et al and their political supporters (you know who you are lurking in the shadows). All would have been better served using that money to lift some of the 50% of children out of poverty, that would be true education reform (but no money to be made for the snake-oil selling charlatans).
Congratulations to all the children who are being given a fairer chance at education opportunities with the support of those excellent candidates who prevailed today.

I am ecstatic when justice is served."

John Kowalko

Hi Friends

"Hi friends!
      I'm sure many of you have seen the paper this morning, and have learned that Ms. Saffer won in the Christina district! This is a great victory, which I'm sure has been interesting for Ms. Saffer. She won easily in 2007, because she was unopposed. I suppose it's good for a candidate to have to really fight for their seat, at least once. Though the fight should be to prove one's qualifications, NOT to have to be on the defense against negative ads. 
      I hope we learn a lesson from this race that has just finished. Val Harris got far too many votes! We as voters, and residents of the Christina district, need to be better informed and more aware of what's happening in our district. We need to be proactive in spreading that awareness. It concerns me that a candidate who is somewhat new to DE, who doesn't have a child in our schools or a background in education, who doesn't appear to have room for a board position in her schedule, AND who enjoys the support of costly, negative ads, could garner so much support, and win so many votes! 

      Without the presence of Mr. Lee in the race, it could have been a 733/693 win for Saffer. This is a great victory for Saffer, as even if all Mr. Lee's votes had gone to Harris, Ms. Saffer still would have one. However, winning by just 40 votes is too close for comfort.

       Let's be more aware as a voting public. Let's attend some school board meetings, and pay attention to the issues facing students in our district. Let's talk about these things with our friends and folks we meet. It is my hope that more people will become involved in the process, and that more people will take an interest in serving in the capacity of a board seat.

      It would be best if in the future our choice of candidates would be people who can answer at least the most frequently asked district questions, have attended a number, if not all board meetings, and have participated in a local school as a parent, teacher, or frequent volunteer. 

       I am so thankful that Ms. Saffer won, as she was definitely the most qualified candidate! Thank you so much for getting out and voting! We can know that we really do live in a democracy, when we the people, do our share, by being aware of the choices, and by voting! Congratulations Ms. Saffer! Congratulations Christina voters! Through our participating, we have deserved this outcome! Let's do it again next time!
:-) "
Blaky Wasgatt